English charter

The members of France - Palestine Solidarity Association are attached to the right of peoples to self-determination and to the defence of the individual. Their purpose is to develop solidarity with the Palestinian people and to support them particularly in their fight for the fulfilment of their national rights.

AFPS, vendredi 1er juillet 2005

The aim of the association is to promote a real and lasting peace, in relation with the Palestinian people and its legitimate representatives in the Mid - East based on the enforcement of international law.

To achieve peace it is necessary to obtain :

- The end of the occupation of all the territories invaded in 1967 and the dismantling of all the colonies
- The creation of an independent, sovereign and viable palestinian State, with East - Jerusalem as its capital.
- The recognition of the rights of the refugees to return to their country, according to the 194 resolution voted by the UN General Assembly.

The activities of the Association focus on four points :

- Information and political action.

* Mobilization of public opinion. * Citizens’ intervention to the elected representatives in local, regional, national and european institutions and to the media. Interpellation of authorities in France and in the European Union.

- Moral, material and humanitarian support, particulary in favour of the most underprivileged palestinian populations, among them refugees living in camps.

- Help for development and cooperation in all fields in common with the organizations of the palestinian civil society.

- Mutual exchange and contacts. Intervention on all aspects, particularly cultural and educational.

The Association will also cooperate with Israeli associations whose clearly stated purpose is to support the national rights of the Palestinian people.

The Association will join the groupings of organizations sharing its objectives on a national scale (French NGOs for Palestine) as well as on a european (ECCP) and international scale.

The Association claims to be secular and welcomes any legal entity or individual, with the exclusion of people who support a racist ideology.

All the members of the Association commit themselves to respect this charter. The Association won’t take responsibility for public statements departing from the pinciples of this charter.

France - Palestine Solidarity Association organization

The Committee is composed of twelve members :

* Taoufiq Tahani (Chairman)

A board of directors composed of fifty representatives from local groups will meet every term.